In your opinion what's the best show GnR have ever played, From 1985 till now?

Imo it's Tokyo in 92 Use Your Illusion I & II, Band sounded great, big crowd, peak of their fame and they seemed like friends on stage but we know the story behind the stage of that era.

Everyone seems to say the Ritz in '88 but Slash says in his book that he didn't think it was one of their best

What do you think?
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wish there was more recordings of their old gigs so I could make a more educated decision, yes tokyo 92 was fkn good!
That one where they didn't come out for like and hour and a half afer they were supposed to start.

....Oh wait...
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i think it may have been when i saw them in philly. they opened for aerosmith 3 nights in a row, touring appetite. axle came out whining that aerosmith wouldn't let them use their pa.
he lost a fight, and philly made it rain garbage on the stage. iirc he didn't come back to philly for a long time. then aerosmith came out and surprised the crap outta me by rockin all the old stuff. i was impressed. they were really tight.
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I feel the tokyo dvd is a tad lackluster. From the sounds of the Hammersmith 1987 bootleg, I think they were really kicking it on that UK tour.

I saw the modern GNR and Slash within a week of each other last summer, whilst the GNR show had a great production and was a lot of fun, the Slash gig was better in terms of raw musicianship.

Also, I would've love to have seen the 01/012001 House of Blues show