I just dusted, cleaned, restringing and tuned my electric guitar that I haven't touched for a few years and it is like I don't know how to play guitar again. Is this normal? I feel like my acoustic techniques are way too hard on the electric. In fact, I feel like I barely need as much technique for the electric. Just touching the strings makes them sound.

Am I just not used to the electric anymore, or have I developed some bad habits on the acoustic? Could the thinner electric fretboard and closer strings actually help improve my fretting hand positioning on the acoustic?
I had the opposite experience. I played electric for years and years, then went exclusively acoustic for about 5 years. A few months ago I switched back to electric and everything was much easier.

The difference could be that I think I always played the acoustic like it was an electric. I always intended to switch back one day so I didn't learn too many acoustic techniques.
Im still trying to find the right combo of volume controls to get the string sensitivity up so I can pick a little harder. Maybe it is just my guitar, but this thing is so damn touchy.