How do I do falsetto? I can only do head voice, but that is not loud enough to sing with. When I attempt falsetto I use way too much air and stop singing about 2 seconds in. Anyone have any tips on how to achieve falsetto?
I sing falsetto a lot and never once thought about how it actually happens. This will likely make no sense but to me it seems almost like making the sound come from above your vocal cords, like pushing the air past them. Sort of making the sound from the back of your throat. It shouldn't take that much breath to do.
Falsetto is so named because it uses a flap of skin (which becomes accessible when the Adam's Apple moves forward and your voice breaks) near the back of your throat, called the false, to create the sound. It will take more breathe than your normal voice as it is the breathe passing over the false that produces the note. It is usually weaker, unless you have a naturally deep (baritone/bass) voice, but if you don't mind losing a little of your range (think a couple of semitones at the top and the bottom) you can train a stronger falsetto just by using it a lot.
To access the falsetto you must disengage all the other soundboards (chest, lower back etc.) and use only your throat as a soundboard, like head voice (in fact some male singers agree they are the same thing). Then pitch very slightly higher than you are aiming for; falsetto has a tendency to be flat otherwise. Prepare the breathe the same as you would for a standard note, but instead of using the palette and teeth and chest to manipulate the note, use only what feels like the back of your throat, and push the breathe over that.
If you are struggling I suggest using 'head voice' and practising that until it is stronger. I also would recommend doing some breathe control exercises.
I hope this helped.