Been recording some covers on GarageBand and thought I'd post another one and get your opinions. I've only been singing since October and have progressed a bit but I know I'm not where I need to be yet, so keep that in mind.

Anyways here's my latest one:
Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Are you playing guitar and singing? Cause I have heard this song before and I don't remember the guitars being quite that muddy/wet. and the guitar is to loud, it takes away from your vocals. Maybe add some reverb on the vocals, just for ambiance. The lead guitar work sounds great if that is you playing. Still the vocals are little to quiet. Your voice sounds good. I like how you sing it, so make sure you give nice full clear loud vocals when you record. Be louder than the guitar.

Very well done, would of been great to see you in action on the video but none the less a well done recording.

Thank you! and yes I am playing and singing. I was aware going into it that the vocals were a little low in the mix but I got lazy and didn't feel like re-recording it haha I've been refraining from actual video though because I've only got a really awful practice amp at my house, so instead I just plug right into my laptop. Otherwise the quality would be 10x worse.

But thanks for the comment! I'll check yours out!