Hey guys, I recorded my newest cover a week ago, and after working with my Line 6 Pod GX for a couple of months now, I kinda wanted some tips or a review on the tone I have. Not so much as if it fits the song well, but more along the lines of how well rounded the sound is because I'm wanting to record some original material soon. Right now, I have pod farm with all my guitar settings (a noise gate, eq, reverb, and amp) and then I feed that tone directly into Ableton Live to record. Any tips or tricks on my recording technique to get a better sound out of what I have? Or any budget equipment I can purchase? C4C for anyone kind enough to offer some feedback.
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your guitar is to loud in the mix. you want it to sound nice and even when you record. I think tone wise it sounds fine, it sounds like a digitally distorted guitar should. Your playing is pretty good, but your video is a bit dark.

I think for recording this kind of music your set up does pretty good. Just learn to mix and master a bit, add eq ect and you should have no problem working on original material.

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Ahhh, I'll keep that in mind next time man, thanks for that tip, I always worried that my guitar wouldn't stand out enough, but it's good to know that I can get away with lowering my sound levels. And yeah, I'm actually considering investing in a camcorder or a new webcam to film my stuff for now on, I used my old webcam in the past and it was laggy as hell, and for this cover I used my phone. Thanks for the tips though man! I checked out your stuff as well.
I recommend a cheap HD Microsoft Lifecam. Mine was around $30 I think when I got it.

I use it to record me playing thru my amp (its just the ambient sound, its not mic'd). Then use my mp3 player and a splitter to listen with head phones and play thru my monitors. This way the backing track (that is much quieter than my amp) plays enough I can use it to line up the original audio with my audio. I do separate the video and audio so that i can apply eq, and line it with a backing track in an audio editor then upload it to my video editor to sync.

I like the quality I get. And I get to use my amp.
Technique wise its very good .. The tone is good but its alittle crunshy and its very obvious in the palm muted notes .
Otherwise its very good (Y)
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