Hello to everybody,
I'm looking for a JTG INFINITY or a JTG INFINOX guitar.
If someone has intention to sell its own axe or to know other people that sell this guitar please let me know.
Honest price.
I have a red infinox guitar that I am trying to sell, if your still looking.
The red infinox is still available?
I tried to contact you through e-mail but I didn't receive answer.
Let me know.
I have a VERY VERY rare "Beta Model" red Infinity (there were only around 5 made for hair metal stars they were trying to endorse in the 1980's at the time). By the request of (I think) Mick Mars of Motley Crue (?), they made some without the long pointed fin - it was rounded off.

This was the last one that was left in the attic of JTG on Nashville's "Music Row" back then before I left them to work for Gibson. There were no cases left, I keep it in a gig bag but an explorer case might fit it. Would consider $1000.00 paypal only. It plays like a dream and is light as a feather. Single coil pickup in neck position and humbucker in bridge position. Kahler tremolo. All original except tone pot is gone, I used volume knob only ala Eddie Van Halen's early guitars. Serious only send inquiry email to MidTennMusicRep@gmail.com