Hey guys. So I just bought a Vox AC30C2 today and it's really not cutting it for me tone-wise. I'll probably return it some time this week. Anyways, what do you guys think is the best amp under $1,500 for Black Crowes tone? I love the tone in Sting Me for the intro and solo. Also the solos in Hard to Handle are awesome. If you guys have any ideas on an amp I can get for under $1,500, i'd love to hear about it. Thanks
I swear by the Fender Excelsior for this kind of thing, but it has to be really loud for that level of saturation. Any good Champ or Deluxe clone would do the job. I recommend trying lots of tweed-style amps(and there are lots) and picking which one you like the best.
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Funny, Rich is currently using an AC30 and they've used AC30s in the past on albums. Anyway, Rich was a big Fender guy early on in the studio and if I remember correctly Southern Harmony was mostly a Tweed Deluxe (could have been a Tremolux, I'd have to check) and low-powered Tweed Twin through a Marshall Silver Jubilee cab. That was most likely his primary setup throughout the 90s, but all the interviews I've read indicate that they used a number of different amps on Amorica/Three Snakes/Band. I believe Shake Your Money Maker was exclusively a Marshall Silver Jubilee though.

As for your lead sounds, I have no idea what Brendan O'Brien used on that Hard to Handle solo. Apparently Marc played through mostly Fenders on Southern Harmony, but I always thought Sometimes Salvation was a Marshall (I heard it was a Les Paul-->Fuzz Face-->Plexi, all stock). I wouldn't doubt that he used Marshalls on other albums though, he's seemed to favor them and similar amps live.
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I think I might get a treble booster and see what that sounds like on this amp. I've seen some youtube videos of AC30's with treble boosters and they sound awesome. Plus Brian May used one too.
it's all about how bright and "crunchy" you can get your tone. I have a blues deluxe, and with my Boss OD pedal, I had it perfect this weekend with a strat (none the less) on it's bridge pickup. If you really want to get the tone, look into playing in open G. Rich mentioned that he likes the ringing "drone" open notes, that will add to the tone too