Tried searching for older threads on the topic and didn't find much. So I thought I'd post this here, hopefully some of you might have experience with the guitars in question.

I'm looking at getting an ESP Eclipse but if I could I'd get the Full Thickness version, but alas they're not readily available in my area. But the LTD EC-1000T CTM is. So I was just posting this to see what people thought would be the better choice (or what they'd go with):

ESP Eclipse Standard Series or the EC-1000T CTM. I know the ESP would probably be nicer instrument but if any of you who may have/played both what are your thoughts.
Honestly you're not going to be able to tell a big difference in these guitars. Maybe a slight increase in craftsmanship in the ESP. If you even notice. The LTD is still an awesome choice for a guitar, and you can still have some money left over.
If you want the full thickness then you have to get the EC-1000T. There's a huge difference in feel, not something you can just "either-or".
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Ya ended up finding a shop not to far that had both EC-1000 and EC-1000T in stock. Impressed by both, kinda liked the feel of the 1000T a bit more so I think my choice is made.

Thanks for the input though guys