Ever since I first picked up the guitar many years ago I always loved classical guitar. Something about the refined nature of the style just spoke to me. I've always wanted to learn to play in that style but I never made the commitment. A little about me: I've been playing the guitar for about 14 years now, mostly electric mixed with some acoustic stuff. I've been slacking for a VERY long time now and I think I suck compared to my former skills but to the average Joe with zero guitar knowledge I'm still pretty good lol. I want to get back into playing but I have decided to focus my attention on learning to play classical guitar. I have a very basic knowledge of theory and technique but I'm committed. My end goal is to become good enough to play some classical guitar in my community, maybe some events and restaurants, no big deal. My question:

Should I bite the bullet and pay for private lessons with a classical guitar teacher?

I have a feeling that trying to teach myself will end in frustration and that will make my goal very difficult. Any advice would greatly appreciated!
If you can afford the lessons go for the lessons. It all depends on how good you want to be, how quickly you want to learn and how authentic 'classical' you want to sound. If you are looking for a bit of Spanish guitar and strumming you could teach yourself, no problem. If you want to learn classical guitar and play properly, i.e. get rid of all your bad habits, then the best way is lessons, you won't recognise most of your bad habits yourself so how could you remove them. Lessons will also give you the incentive to practice weekly and not slip back into your old ways, you will be assessed weekly. If you have the money pay the man, the only real reason to teach yourself ( if you really want to learn ) is financial.
As Brodsky says.... Classical guitar is a very refined discipline. Very specific as to techniques and repertoire and "embrochure" and all that.... Lessons well worth it if you're serious.
I agree with the above posters that lessons are definitely a good idea, BUT that doesn't mean you can't already start learning some things on your own. Nowadays there are excellent study materials available and I do recommend you take advantage of those.

Some books I highly recommend are:

Pumping nylon - Scott Tennant
The art of classical guitar playing - Charles Duncan
The natural classical guitar - Lee Ryan
Classical guitar pedagogy - Anthony Glise

Even if you take lessons, these books will be a great addition, because they contain loads of useful information that not every teacher will give you.

Good luck!
I would not recommend Scott Tennants's "Pumping nylon" to a beginner. It's a great book sure, but the pieces are way to difficult for a "newb".

If you're only looking easy pieces to start with I'd recommend "30 easy spanish guitar solos" by Mark Philips. It's a great book for the beginner containing easy songs like Romanza, Lagrima, Adelita etc. only costs about 10$ or so from Amazon

And remember, have fun!
As everyone else has said lessons would be the best option, if the teacher is good.

Another book worth checking out is Solo Guitar Playing Volume I - Frederick Noad.
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