Off their newest album, Feel, here is a cover of Congratulations!

Tell me what you guys think! I kind of cheated in this, because in the original recording, I messed up on the solo (though the rest was good), so instead of doing it over again, I just recorded the solo separately.


Tuning: Drop C, recorded through FL Studio 10 and Guitar Rig 5.

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Good cover . Gave it a view, and gave it a like. You should work on your editing though, since, in my opinion, it jumps around between clips a lot.

I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, but just food for thought :P.
Over all really solid cover. Didn't find reprehensible mistakes or anything else. The solo was fine too imo.

To have something to critcize about, I'd edit the music a bit louder. Other than that, nothing to complain about.

Keep it up!
Not bad playing at all, no noticeable mistakes. But If you want your lead playing to pop you really need to work on developing a vibrato. For rhythms you have the tight palm muting going, but for leads if you want to make it pop and sound more expressive your bending and vibrato needs to have some emotion and control behind it. Solid cover though.

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