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Or should I do my technique practice standing up ? ** note guitar is considerably Lower when standing up than when I'm sitting
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If there's a massive difference then definitely practice standing: always practice as you mean to play.
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Yeah it depends on how low or high you have your guitar whilst standing. As a general rule I'd say that it's probably best to practice both ways, but if you're going to be gigging any time soon I'd lean towards standing.
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Quote by Zaphod_Beeblebr
always practice as you mean to play.

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If i'm learning a very intricate song or a new technique I find difficult, I usually start sat down then after mastering it sitting down I'll try play it stood up, I don't have my guitar really low though I don't see the point in that. Doesn't look cool and it'll just mess up your hands with bad technique in years. You could try standing up but having your guitar fairly high up on your chest, almost as if you were sitting down
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I'll have to agree with raising the guitar...

IMO, it's just a lot less trouble to have your guitar as high up your chest when standing as it is when you're seated in a classical position. This way you can practice in either situations and you don't have to worry about not being able to play it the other way. It's probably not a 100% thing, but you only have to make minor adjustments.
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Standing and playing is a whole different animal. I typically sit, when I'm at home, but usually have to stand, when I'm performing. There is a difference. Definitely practice while standing up.
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i often pratice sitting bu i have my gutiar at a similar place when standing as when sitting so its not too much of an adjustent
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I agree with Zaphod, practicing as you mean to play is the right thing to do.

However, if your guitar is that much lower i recommend that you try to raise it. Personally i practice in "classical posture" with the guitar between my legs and my left leg on a foot stand. Then i just adjust the strap so when i stand up my guitar is in the EXACT same position when i am sitting down.

Of course, this doesn't work if your playing with the guitar on your right leg, cause the guitar will have a different angle when you stand up. But i recommend it, there really is no difference standing up or sitting down for me. But i also recommend you do what feels best and most natural to you.
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