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I haven't been around GC for about 3 years now or so, but I had a question about buying classical guitars and I couldn't find any heavy info in the stickies so here I go.

I am looking to pick up a cheaper classical guitar to dink around on since my old Guild acoustic is a bit to large and bulky to lay on the couch and strum a bit. Even though my price range is low (200-300 USD), I would like to get a guitar that is the best bang for my buck. Which brands should I generally keep an eye out for? I'm not near many big music stores so I don't have the chance to simply head out and try many.

I did however run across one of two classical guitars at my local music store that was a fender (a little too bassy for my tastes). I hear Yamaha and Cordoba are good? Just seeing what everyone likes for a brand or perhaps even model of classical guitars.

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I like my Cordoba, but it is a C9 and well out of the price range. I have played the C7 and at $500 not worth the money. I have heard nothing but good things about the lower end Yamahas, but have never played one myself. One word of advice, if you are looking to play actual classical music and don't really have any desire to plug it in, I would go with something without a cut away. I have liked the Rodriguez guitars I have played, though I don't know how cheap they go for. Also some of the Orpheus Valley/Kremona guitars re nice, again not sure how low they can go for.
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i like the lower end cordobas (not their $140 student models - think around $250) and yamahas, and ibanez makes a nice all laminate acoustic electric classical.
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Assuming you're in the US, if you went used, you could pick up a Cordoba C5/C7 for less than $300. I found a 45FM on eBay for about $350 a couple years ago, and they sell for about ~$900 new.

If you wanted to go new, you could pickup one of those Yamaha's. They're alright for the price and the ones I played weren't that bad.
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Yamaha is good, and cort can be as well... But my personal favorite would be Alhambra. They're generally expensive but if you can find a cheap used one, or one on consignment I'd definitely go for that. I got my Alhambra for $900 (barely used), and it's priced at $1700 new. Plus, they smell good
My 1980 takamine jasmine plays and sounds pretty warm for being a short cheap classical, could comment on the qc for the newer ones though.