Hey guys I'm looking to get a new pickup setup on my seven string Ibanez RG. I've got my heart set on DiMarzio. I definitely want a Crunchlab in the bridge, but as for the neck I'm unsure. Initially I wanted a D'activator 7 (neck) because of it's ability to have clear harmonics, but I don't know if I will get the lows I want. I Play in drop A and like to get those chuggy lows with my gain on and clear warm tones that let the lows run through nicely on the clean channel. To go with these sweet lows I want the ability to get nice harmonic squeals. I'm indecisive between the D'activator and the Liquifire. I understand that the liquifire has lower output and a better range for lows, but how will it perform for getting those nice squeals? Also is the D'activator good for playing clean or does is loose out a bit because of it's high output. Admittedly I don't know a lot about pickups just the sounds that I want to have the ability to produce. What would be an ideal neck pickup for smooth cleans, an extended low range, and bringing out those harmonics.

My friend told me the people on this site know their stuff, so I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
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Most people love the Crunchlab / LiquiFire combo, specially for what you want the neck PU to deliver. If you liked the D Activator neck, I'd go with the set.

QIA. (Quoted in agreement)

Thats what I read people put into their 7's most; here on UG and at SS.org.
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I ended up going with the Liquifire and Crunch lab. I spoke to a guy that supplies the pickups, and he told me all the tone possibilities. Thanks guys