I recently bought an Ibanez AFS77T. It's truly a great guitar for jazz/blues, and at the price I got it, I am very satisfied. However, on my specific model, I cannot find out if it is a true hollow, or semi-hollow. UG Reviews say it's a semi, but ibanez.com says the AFS75 is a thinner version of a hollowbody but not a semi-hollow. I am confused if this means that the 77T has the same properties as the 75 (both being AFS) or is it actually semi-hollow and just not listed on Ibanez's website.
The official site specs will be a much more reliable source of information than the piss poor user reviews on here.
Thank you for responding. That's exactly the same conclusion I have come to. I should've just used a stud finder on my guitar to see if there was a solid chunk in the middle, lol.