Anyone has any experience with this guitar. I really like this guitar but only thing which makes me uneasy is that this guitar is made in China. I can get one for 330 dollars. Please advise. Previous guitars I have owned are Indonesian made Ibanez Rg321 and GRG270B guitars. Both are very good guitars that I have been happy with.

Have no experience with washburn company. Someone have experience with other chineese made models of the big brands. Any comments most appreciated!

Here is a link of the guitar specs from the company website:

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My MG-44 was made in Korea 16-ish year ago. Plays awesome, and the pickups are solid for stock.
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TS, if the guitar is being sold used, and within reasonable travel distance, bring your amp to the seller's house and try out the guitar.

If you're going to be buying it sight-unseen new, then check into the store's return policy in case you like it.

iirc, some Epiphone's are made in china, along with the lower range of a few other companies. Its not just Washburn's.
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