Hey all! New here. My name is Scott. I live in Orlando, Fl. I have used the site many times for tabs and reviews. Thought i would join the forum. Been playing guitar for quite a few years now.

Here is a list of gear I use. Feel free to comment or pm any questions you may have. ie setups, settings, or anything else.

Old Peavey bandit 112 (great for @ home)
Peavey 6505+ head
Marshall Mode 4 slanted & straight cab

Gibson Gothic les paul (broken)
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 (white)
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 (black)
Agile Interceptor pro 727 7 string (black flame top)

Line 6 M13
Samson air line wireless
Sure psm200 wireless in ears
Sure se215 in ear monitors
Behringer X2442USB Xenyx Mixer
Depends. Are you thinking of purchasing any similar equipment that I use? Or maybe you already own something similar and are having trouble w/ settings?
hello everyone...

I am liya new to this forum.I like to play guitar.and i want to learn it more . thats why i joined this forum.