Could it be due to the heat? we're above 23c here in the UK and i havent encountered this problem before. its like the strings arent even tuned and i know they are.
The temperature should have no such effect. Ensure that the setup is fine. Maybe something has changed like the pickup height, or the saddles, or some such thing.
"Slapping sound" couldn't be any more vague for a description. Seeing as slap is a technique (that can be applied to 6 string guitars, not just bass), you couldn't have made a more vague description.

Can you record some audio of the sound?
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If it were the heat they'd never have made any music in the hot, southern states of the USA.

I have no idea what you're talking about. Record a clip.
it's in the high 20s here

no slapping problems here. well, no guitar-related slapping problems here, at any rate.
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Just to make sure, you're not laying bass are you? If so are you hitting the strings with the side of your palm?
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