Hey y'all, I've been wanting to learn guitar lately and it would be for country 99% of the time. Maybe some classic rock songs so I figure an acoustic is a better place to start. Eventually, assuming I want to and get to that point, I will probably get an electric for some of the newer country. I have a budget of no more than 350 for the guitar. Depending on the price i may get a hardshell case since im about to leave for the Navy and will be taking it with me to whatever base i get stationed to. I've heard look for Alvarez or Takamine and possibly Yamaha. I quickly realized theres a lot to learn and wanted the advice of people who knew what they are talking about and arn't trying to sell me something.
This is one I've been looking at. I like the sunburst finish and with that i should be able to get a hard shell case, stand and some picks, strings, a strap etc to get me started. Thoughts?
Alvarez RD16CE Regent Series Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar Sunburst Dreadnought. I couldnt post the link but its on musicians friend.
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you squids... i tell ya...
i havent tried one yet but a Fender Tim Armstrong model Hellcat should fit what your looking for. 275 and enough left over for a HSC.
i first learned to play with an Ovation Thunderbolt that i "borrowed" from a squid on the John C. on my first cruise to the middle east years and years ago.
with Hellcat being a sacred Navy name, how could you not get it?
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I'll definitely look into it! I'm going to look at one of the Alvarez guitars at a local shop with one of my friends next week and if that doesnt suit me I'll ask about the fender! And thank ya for your service
this video has a really good lesson on solid wood tops vs laminated wood tops(toward end ).
if your looking for good sound quality and it's something your going to keep for a few years, i'd go with a solid top. the "lam" top on the alvarez your looking at will lack sound quality once you start getting an understanding of a guitars sound characteristics.
the Yamaha's FG series is usually the most recommended guitar in this forum. solid tops, great sound, all around good "bang for the buck" the FG700, a Snark tuner, and a good capo( kyser, G7th) will put you under your budget and you'll have everything you need.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
sir can you please visit this video. i just want to know if what technique i used on this video thanks. [forbidden link]
guitar picking
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[forbidden link]

can someone tell me if i used the wrist picking style or arm picking style on this video?thanks for all comments