I am new in guitar. Currently have a martin 000x1. It's a nice guitar. (I think the gap between each string is a bit small for me).

Thinking of buying a full solid guitar and I am putting budget of $2000 (I heard full solid sound get better by age). Now looking at taylor 314ce, martin dcpa4 rosewood or siris. I am more towards the siris model because it looks great (personal opinion). I am from small town In borneo Island which dont have the previledge of trying these guitars, I could only buy it based on vedio uploaded to youtube and ship in the guitar.

I like warmth and balace sound. I play 50%/50% strumming vs fingerstyle and i dont think i will do pluged in at the moment but no harm to have an electronic in it. I cant get the right sound as there are limited vedio for dcpa4 siris and most of them recorded pluged in which I believe the sound may vary.

any one can share vedio clip or link that show siris sound? And Any other recomended guitar for me?