Hello! My name is Hona Costello, and I'm finally touring across Los Angeles. I get over 200k plays on my soundcloud as of yet. My shows are usually just Mic, and Speakers. But Im trying to add more elements to my performances to make them more musical and open to more people.

I have 3-4 songs that I need help translating to an Acoustic Guitar. I would like to have rhythm and lead! I would give you FULL Credit. And have your name on all the flyers I pass out for an acoustic set.

[forbidden link]
-All You Need
-Drink and Party
-One Day

It doesnt have to be complex! My and my guitarist can add on. Like a simple 4 bars for each song!

I plan on getting 10k flyers. And your name will be on each flyer taking as composer/etc.

Thanks! Any help will be highly thanked
Hi Hona. I play electric and acoustic guitar and can help you with this. I live on the other side of the country but I can get studio time to record the tracks. PM me your email and we can work out the details.