what are some good effect pedal for cheap? (under $150) im not looking for any specific effect just not reverb, i would prefer one effect per pedal, im looking for pink floyd like sounds, just weird stuff thatd be fun to mess around with
I've been hearing good things about these...
Yet to try one myself, a local store has them so I'll be heading in at the weekend.

For Floyd-like sounds... Delay, reverb, tremolo, an o/d (Gilmore used a Big Muff), maybe a compressor and an EQ. That should pretty much cover the primary aspects of the sounds.
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they look pretty cool ill have to see if any local shops around here have them and check them out, thanks!
If you're on a budjet also check Joyo.

marcmart.com has pretty good prices - about $35 each.

They also are pretty good even if they are chinese copies of whatever you can imagine.
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Another place to look would be Hastings, if you have one close. They carry Danelectro pedals, some of which actually sound pretty good. Just don't try to play a gig with them. Also, I have acquired a large percentage of my gear from pawn shops. You might want to check those too. I once bought a Marshall stack for just over $100 from a pawn shop.
Try http://www.gilmourish.com/ for the best advice on Floyd (Gilmour) tones and effects. You can't go wrong.

Best advice I can give is get the cleanest sound you can from your amp, then build on that tone with specific sounds that you want using effects and or OD/Fuzz etc.
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Mooer Shimverb could be fun. I've been eyeing one.
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Get used multifx floor pedal, GT-6 o GT-8 by Boss has tons of stuff, same goes for Korg, Digitech, Line6 stuff. The Boss pedals you can use in pedal mode, so say you load 5 different effects and control them by the pedals.

I'd go with this.

For someone looking to experiment with different sounds, a multi effect unit is always the best starting point as it provides a bit of everything for the cost of only one or two quality individual pedals.

You get to try all the different options and let your sound evolve to use the effects you like the most. Then if you find you've settled on a few different effects you may choose to switch to individual pedals, but you may find the multi effect unit covers everything you need to the quality you need.

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