The tone's a little too distorted - it doesn't really suit the song, the clean guitar tone in the original gives the song it's unique, dreamy sound. Apart from that great cover, the actual playing was great nice guitar by the way
I like the rendition, but to be critical, your using a grotesque amount of gain in the beginning and its just over kill, to much string noise and accidental harmonics. When the acoustic comes in there seems to be a change in the volume/eq of the lead guitar and its much better. I love the contrast of an acoustic guitar and a very over driven guitar. But maybe build into it a bit more and start out nearly clean with the electric, then add more and more over drive as you go.

Great playing and great tone otherwise. You could use a better camera and a better camera shot with better lighting. Don't be afraid to put your face there and play. Nice Job

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Thanks caw1, I appreciate the advice and kind words.

Not a problem, I feel like its what were here to do as a community. Feedback is so important when your learning, and playing and writing. Never take to much of it, but be aware of it.

Still think its a fine bit of playing.