It reminds me of Revolution Number 9 by The Beatles. I like that. I don't know why but I like that. Your song(exactly like Revolution Number 9) is not to listen. It is to think.
For me, all that what you're sayin' could be the introduction, and after that you could start singing something related to the introduction. That would be great. And I would listen to that.
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I'm torn on this one. I think as a song it could be cohesive in an album context but alone I have trouble thinking of anyone who would actually listen to this. i think your song adlnsdvnj is awesome though so I think this song could work. Also i really like the "to many people own" thing, especially the misspelling of "too". As a bad trip report I think this song is pretty accurate. anyway if you want to give me a crit i only have one song on my profile. thanks!