Hey guitar sages! Me and a couple of friends need to present for a class project and majority of the people voted for Another Heart Calls by AAR. Problem is I can't find any tabs, that works well since the tab I found needs 2 guitarists but I'm the only one who's gonna be doing the guitar. I was hoping someone could help me out! We really need to do this, or else we're gonna get in alot of trouble. It's too late to change songs since other members are starting with their parts.
I was hoping someone could help me with the tabs, much better if it'd be like the one on this vid since he is doing it pretty awesome and only 1 guitar. Thanks alot in advance for anyone that could help me out! We would be totally grateful!

Forgot to post link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IAhNxEW8Qo
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Bummp!! Event has been moved! Got a few things right but still can't get the whole song!
Please help me! We got like a week and a half before we need to present!