Hey everyone I'd like to take a moment and tell you a little about myself..... Born and raised in the Buckeye State. Migrated to the good ole' Bluegrass State in 1987 and been here ever since . I began learning to play at around 15. Never had any lesson just watched my daddy whom played by ear! As time went on I began to progress and learn chords... Still trying to advance in tabs, they kinda confuse me but I'll figure it out. I love to play music as well as writing lyrics.... I love to make new friends and if you can give me some advice on anything please do so.......
Welcome to UG!

Make sure you post your intro in the First Post? thread, and read about all the other newest users!

Also, make sure to take a couple minutes to check out the Forum FAQ and Forum Rules before going any farther. We don't want you to get banned!

As far as advancing in tabs, make sure to check out the Tab Talk section of the forums, specifically the Tabs for Beginners thread. When I was starting out with tabs, that thread was extremely helpful.

Also, if you ever had anymore questions or feel like starting a new thread, make sure to use our handy dandy Search tool first. (Simply because we like to avoid multiple threads here).

Once again, welcome to UG!
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