I've only recently learned to take tabs I would consider overwhelming and attempt to break them down in order to understand which position and scale the guitarist is using. SRV - Rude Mood is a perfect example.

What I would like to do, hopefully with the aid of some of you more seasoned guitarists, is break down Derek and the Dominos - Snake Lake Blues. I can't find the original audio track anywhere on the internet, though I do have it on my computer; I can't link it for those who have never heard this wonderful song. It's on the Crossroads box set.

Anyways, here's the tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/d/derek_and_the_dominos/snake_lake_blues_tab.htm

Can we start with the key? (see the chords at the bottom of the tab). I don't know how to figure out the key a song is in if it isn't in a simple 12-barre blues. No formal music theory and being tab dependent has hindered that aspect of my guitar advancement. (Too bad I can't play purely by ear like Jimi )

Next, I would like to begin taking chunks of the tab at a time, and determining what position of what scale EC is playing in.

Thank you all for your help and interest. I hope this exercise will serve beneficial to others as well.

Best regards.
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