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So, I've been playing my Gibson Les Paul Traditional for a few years now. It's excellent for classic rock 'n' roll and gives a good solid sound.

However, I've been moving towards a much more diverse Progressive Rock style lately. I aspire to be a virtuoso of the instrument (just an aspiration, who knows if it will happen).

With that, I would really like a guitar with more tools and functions. A well built, unique looking guitar with tremolo, locking nut, coil tapping/splitting, superb playability, etc. The more functions and tools the better.


I saw that and loved the classy look of it, but I am looking for a higher quality instrument.

I might just go for a custom guitar in the end, but I would love to hear your suggestions!
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Ibanez makes some nice guitars with a floyd and HSH pickup configuration. That's pretty versatile.
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Look into Suhr. You can customise their models to suit your needs a little better.
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Alright I'll check those out. My budget is around $2000 at most.
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What does your budget look like? What sort of amp are you using?

My short list for super advanced guitars:

-The Music Man Petrucci models are super tricked out, and the neck/fretboards are as slick as they come. Great trem, piezo available, the JPX has 5-way switching for the pickups.

-Basically anything by Parker. They're the most consistently forward-thinking of any of the big manufacturers. Most models have a carbon/fiberglass fretboard with SS frets. The Fly Deluxe has a great trem, piezo, coil splits, and optional MIDI. If you want to get super crazy the Vernon Reid signature has a Roland GK system, a Floyd, EMGs, and more buttons than a video arcade.

-Godin LGXT. Synth, trem, really good acoustic mode, 3-band EQ right on the guitar and plenty of switches besides.

- Line 6 JTV models - Basically the Line 6 POD of guitars. A bit of a departure, and certainly a love it or hate it sort of guitar, but they got James Tyler to design the latest line and he did a great job. Probably the most versatile plug and play guitar being made right now.
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I am using a Marshall JMP 2203 for solid tube saturation. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'll check them out.
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Adding to the list of those above, I'd check out Carvin and US Masters, and of course, my favorite custom builder, Jon Kammerer.
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ESPs are of varying quality, avoid unless you can try them out in real life.
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The original 'guitar with a built-in MIDI touchpad like the one Matt Bellamy plays' is made by Manson, if you want to go down that route. Artist in question has his hooked up to a Korg KP3, which is pretty cool. Sure you'll find that elsewhere too though, and any custom builder should be happy to do that for you.

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Deff look at the MM JP6 models

If you can get over the locking nut, PRS CE24, Std24 and Cu24 are worth a look used

Ibanez JEM/Herman Li

Suhr is a good company, but might be a little harder to find
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Suhr Satin.
Ibanez J Custom.
ESP Horizon.
Jackson Soloist
Carvin DC***
PRS CU22/24.

Are all guitars with great features, professional appearance and quality and will last you a life time.

Look in the right places and they are all on budget either new or used.
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If I had your budget I would probably look into a Suhr. Carvin, Parker, and PRS might also enter the conversation.
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