My friend has this guitar, just wondering if anyone knows if it's worth anything outrageous, thought I'd ask here first. The label inside reads, "The Harmony Company, made in Chicago Ill, USA" Model # is 11-77
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A lot of the value is in the pickups. Those old DeArmonds are fairly sought after and if they still work they're worth something. An old DeArmond in great condition might get 150 or so on eBay.

Keep an eye on this auction -

That one's got the Bigsby so it's more valuable than the non-trem one, and it seems to be in better condition. But that should give you an upper limit, perhaps. Value varies a lot on these guitars because the market's weird. Ten years ago you couldn't give those things away, they were cheap beater guitars that were crappy when they were new in the 60s. Now Jack White and the Black Keys are playing them and prices have skyrocketed. So a lot of what it's 'worth' comes from what's in vogue right now, but it's also got a narrower market so it might be harder to sell than your average stratocaster.

Very rough estimate - I'd say if the pickups all work, you'd probably find a buyer for at 700 and it could go as high as 1200 if you got it all cleaned up and got the electronics working again and put it on eBay. Might be worth seeing if you can find some original knobs for it online somewhere.
Thanks so much for the info and link! My friend will be happy, doubt he will sell it as it was his Fathers who has passed, I'll fix it up for him. Great to know though, I thought it might have been $300 or so.