I need some experienced advice on how to PROPERLY adjust the height of a 2-point tremolo system (not floyd rose... more like those mid 2000's Fender American Standard Strat bridges)

I know that, to adjust the overall height of the strings, I either tighten or loosen the two stud screws that the bridge plate rests on.
My question is, do I need to remove the string & spring tension before I turn those screws? I've heard from several people that turning the studs with full string & spring tension will cause them to grind with the knife edges of the bridge plate (since the bridge is being pulled towards the studs with those tensions)

But when I search videos on YouTube, a lot of seemingly expert guides (one of them a luthier who posts a lot of setup / repair related videos) just crank those stud screws with full tension on either side and not even mention this problem.

I've already tried searching the forum, but I can't seem to find any posts dedicated to this issue.

Also, if I do need to remove the springs, what's the simplest way to remove the springs from the trem block and the claw?? I know this is pretty basic stuff but I always have the hardest time using a plier or a pincep because I can never get a solid grip with them...

Thanks a million, folks
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I've always loosened the strings/springs when adjusting the bridge. I'm not even sure if it's required or not, but it's something that makes me feel better about it so I do.

As for removing trem springs I grab the spring with my thumb and forefinger near the claw, and slide the loop off the claw. Then remove the L shaped bit from the trem block. When putting them back on you put the L bit in the trem block first, and then slip the loop over the claw.
i would loosen the strings, just in case.

EDIT: if you loosen the strings and also the spring screws, the springs will be under less tension and will come out much more easily.
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