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I have been offered a trade for my 2008 Singlecut SE (stock, ex cond). A blem free 2010 MIM Fender Tele (upgraded pickups - coil tapped mini-hums, graphite nut, roller tree, strap locks). I sold my Tele American Special to fund my CE22, and I kinda miss it. My Sc SE is seeing no love in the case since I got my CE and Santana SE. Value wise, I think its about even.

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I'd do.

In fact, I did the exact same trade you're talking abot.

An SE (Oddly enough, an 08) for a MiM Tele (Mine was 2011). Never looked back.

The trade value is basically dead even IMO. I love Teles. I found that my SE was a great all around guitar, but my Tele does everything the SE did but better. The shape is more comfortable, and I like the neck much more. I find the shape of the Tele neck much more desirable than the SE. Plus the upgrades he has on that Tele sound slick.

TLDR: I've done it, and I'd do it again.
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