My best friend and I have been working this band for four summers now, some years more serious than others. We suffered two debilitating robberies that we're still recovering from so we have minimal equipment. (Problem is most of the equipment that was robbed was payed for with my student loan at music school so I'm still paying out $200/month for shit that some other guy has instead of buying new stuff) it takes forever to save for a new piec of gear, and honestly my best friend has been slacking on his own rig. He should have a sweet drumset by now but instead he spends his money on gas to see his girlfriend or buying weed or video games....I hate to admit it because he's very creative and talented and I really want him to go all the way with me but as it stands I'm the only one really throwing down. It took me two years just to buy a 30 watt Orange! (I was unemployed and most everything I could scrap together has gone to Sallie Mae).

Now I'm working full time but I'm still getting caught up with everything and really getting frustrated with my band. The bassist never returns our texts and he's one of those dinks who will ignore your call, let it ring out, then text you and say 'whats up'...i fking hate that. He doesn't show up for practice unless he wants to and the guitarist we had to let go because he's an anxiety-riddled basket case...he flipped out when someone compared him to Yngwie and he thought it was an insult to his grunge-aesthetic integrity or some shit.

So basically it's just the drummer and me but most days I feel like it's just me with my shitty little amps, my Frankenstein drumkit, no good cymbals, one PA speaker, a barrel of busted cables and over 200 sets of lyrics that I'm about to send in for copyright.

I find myself struggling to find musicians who will actually show up when they're supposed to, musicians who really want to do this for a living, and realize that every time you waste my time, you keep me from being on stage that much longer. I should be playing a show on the first, but I'm not because these guys wont get their shit together and take it seriously.

i've hit up Craigslist to find some better guys, but this area is DRY. Everyone wants to play covers, or they ask me my influences and then ignore us as if our influences define our sound. If there's one band in your list of 'influences' they don't like, they decide they're not going to play with you. It sucks.

i just want a band I can rely on, one that wants to play all the time and make this their life, not just something they do 'when they feel like it'

I don't want to move, not with the job I have that's making me $500 a week and finally getting my feet on the ground, and I don't want to go solo because I lose so much inspiration playing by myself, I just cant do it. I don't want to ditch my best friend either, with all the songs we've written together I wouldn't feel right taking them to another group, and there's not many people who have the chemistry that we do, but it's getting really deep under my skin when I'm offered a show and have to say no...that really sucks.
Hey man, I can totally empathize with your situation. I recently moved in with my friend so we could do music and videos etc, we are currently trying to recruit members, but cannot find any musicians who are serious, everyone just wants to be in a covers band. And saving money for gear is torture, I'm also unemployed and have to scrape up pennies to buy any gear.
It's total hell when you can't find like minded, creative, efficient people.
So what I'm doing atm is recording all the demo tracks, writing all the parts for all the instruments, because when you have a finished product, you can just find people to play the material you wrote. It's easier to recruit someone when you can send them an example of what they would be doing......................then get them to contribute, write, etc.
So the only thing I can really say is dive in, and have a go at being the entire band(total creative control ) then when you have it down look for players to play your stuff. As you said, you can play drums, you write lyrics and songs so I'd say go for it.
But yeah, I totally know what you're feeling.
I lol'd at the Yngwie part. :p

But I would just keep trying to stick it out man. You've got the job to get good gear, you're taking the steps to get the right players, and most of all you're dedicated.

As far as not wanting to ditch your best friend, have a SERIOUS talk with him about where he wants to go with music. Let him know you're not trying to mess around, and want to go somewhere with it.
I seriously mean this:

"Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll"

Perhaps one thing you could do is play with lots of different people just for the experience.... jamming in a covers band.... learning songs in a country outfit..... bass in metal band...etc.... you need to cast the net wide to find people who share your commitment...because most dont...and thats the same everywhere...
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Wow there's a lot more optimism in this thread for your current situation than I have.

You hardly practice and don't do gigs. It's only a matter of time until you break up. Find another band.

Commitment is the number one asset you can have as a musician, purely because most musicians are extremely lazy.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.