I was wondering what you guys like to wear when you play live shows. I'm pretty active on stage, and after an hour-long set I'm normally pretty soaked with sweat. Do you guys wear anything special or certain fabrics, or do you accept the sweatiness as an occupational hazard?
I just wear usually a cut-off band tee and my haggard moccasins. I gots to be ready to thrash, sweat, and drink a lot of beer
I just wear black skinny jeans, a band shirt and high-top Nikes. There's really no way to stop the sweat when you play, you just have to take the measures to ensure it doesn't affect your ability to play (I recently had to get wristbands so the sweat doesn't get all over my guitar and make my arm slide all over the damn place). I could be butt naked on stage in a frozen cave and I'd still sweat like mad.
so glad you guys posted this, didn't know sweat caused so many problems. Would my fingerless gloves be useful?
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Even if one puts the issue of sweat to the side, I truly believe that a player needs to have stage clothes that will make them look different to how they look offstage. I personally live by the general rule of 'no band t shirts on stage', but I can't really say much about sweat, as my sweat can make a packet of strings look a year old in three hours due to how acidic it is, which is why I only use Elixirs, so I've learnt to deal with having moist fingers.
I used to wear all black, but now I use a black guitar, so I wear a white top so there is some contrast

Never sweat too much, & hate elixers or any other coated string
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I normally bring a towel and fresh shirt. After my set, I quick dry myself off and change shirts before I mingle with friends/fans
I do tend to sweat a bit onstage, especially during longer sets, but it's never been a huge issue for me. I don't love to go with band t-shirts, but once in a while I'll go with Led Zeppelin or Alice Cooper or something. I also like to have a couple of more identifiable things to wear. Sometimes I'll wear my red leather pants onstage (even though I probably look ridiculous) and I have a grey jacket with a bunch of pins that's pretty cool (If it gets too hot onstage I just take that off in between songs, problem solved).
I don't think there's any real definite dress code you should stick to.

If your technique is not great, you may want to avoid long sleeve shirts.

As a general rule don't wear jumpers or anything too baggy as they can mute the strings accidentally. Wearing shoes, as opposed to flip flops or barefoot is handy for pedals.

Someone mentioned fingerless gloves, these generally mute the strings which isn't great. However once I played outside and it was absolutely freezing, I opted to break all of the rules above because I was cold.
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I'd wear what I always wear.

Dressed to the nines in my suit.
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For work I wear black skinnies, fancy shirts and a black skinny tie on stage, for my own stuff I wet the same skinnies but with usually a tee and a denim shirt

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