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Quote by Ometh
you have to insert two fingers in your anus first

youre lying. i was already doing that before i created it, and it didnt do anything for me

well, i mean for the whole account ordeal. did plenty for me
Quote by RedDeath9
I don't recall who Regression is, but I remember bloodshed. I don't think I've seen him around for a while... I remember you, though. Not sure if the recollection is mutual though. 3:

Oh yes, I remember you, too. Along with tarbosh (I hope I spelled it right) and huevos. His/her? stuff was crazy. There's some more names I recognize, but w/e.
And listening to your guys' stuff now blows my mind. I don't think I could compete anymore, haha. Well, I basically HAVE forgotten how to use gp5 entirely.
My abilities are now limited to cubase wankery only. (and 8 string magic!)
Quote by synestershadows
Holy shit nemesis, that was depressing.
Mission accomplished!
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