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^ thanks guys!
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It looks good,
But honestly man. That is WAY too soon to buff a finish and assemble. That finish is still goign to be drying and its going to shrink back a ton. Finishes need to sit at least 2 weeks... lacquer even around a month.

i just laid the pick guard and neck on it to show what it will look like. the body is sitting in an empty strat case. should i maybe hang it in a corner of the garage for a couple weeks?

i appreciate all the input you can toss my way Eb.
very appreciated.

i'll be giving it back to my buddy at some point but he still needs to find a neck etc. i'll hang on to it and give it a buff/polish in a few weeks.
Oh wow im super jelly. That looks wicked, id do terrible, filthy things for a hog strat!
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