So I just finished building a fuzz face based on the original Dallas Arbiter circuit (Used this: http://www.pigeonfx.com/layoutff.html) but it has a problem. When it is in bypass it appears to send signal through as it should, but when I turn it on there is a significant volume drop and no fuzz effect is applied. Also, when the fuzz knob is at full it will make horrendous noise if I play hard. Anyone have any clue what my problem could be? I checked all the wires and they were all in the right places. Any help on this would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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The lytics should be clearly marked with a black band on the negative lead.

That's it, thanks! Glad I got that figured out, then. But unfortunately that's not my problem, as I had them right anyways. Any other help?
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Are your transistors wired up with the correct pinout? There's a Base, Emitter, and Collector. You can't just wire them up any old way.

The emitter is the one closest to the small tab on a BC108, right?
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Yes, then the base is the middle pin.

Sounds like the transistors are not properly biased. Check the pin voltages.

How can I check the voltages and adjust the bias? I swapped both transistors out with new ones but ended up with the same result as before so could all my transistors be improperly biased?