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little piano piece i wrote a long time ago. it's a tad repetitive, but if this was ever performed/recorded i'd have singing over it. some parts remind me a bit of what little I've listened to Rachmaninoff, minus his constant creative use of accidentals.

c4c, will return crits within 3 days at most... thanks in advance.
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I don't mean to be rude, but it doesn't sound like you're entirely sure how to compose for a piano. There were some nice melodic ideas, but you seemed to use both hands purely to make bigger chords, the left hand could play counter melodies, or a proper, defined bassline, or even just hold single notes to give the melodies a simple backing. That way, when you take the left hand out for a section, there's a large difference in texture and dynamics. I saw some hints of there being a defined right hand part at rehearsal marking E. Overall, the piece was good, some good ideas, but a proper, defined left hand part would really add so much.

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yeah, i don't really play piano or write much for one. i'll definitely work on separating/defining the left and right hands. thanks for the straightforward crit, it's appreciated.

you have anything you want me to crit?
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mind putting up a .gp4/.gp5/midi? I play piano so I could help
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