Hey everyone,

I just switched to bass after playing guitar for about three years. My teacher recommended practicing over backing tracks, but I can't find a lot of the songs I want to play in recorded form without bass. Also, I'll need to slow down the tempo because I can't play them at regular speed yet.

Could anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks so much!
if the songs are on games like rockband or guitar pro, there are often versions with/without each instrument if you look hard enough. also, while tux guitar is probably your best bet, some audio players like windows media player have a speed up/slow down option but its only one step either way and i think its fixed
if you can find some sort of midi player with the option to slow down the BPM (which often most midi players do) then you would be set. as long as the songs you want to play are offered as midi files. Try googling a midi player program.