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I covered Miley's latest single "We Can't Stop" and I would appreciate if you would check it out! C4C, always looking for some good critiques!

Also, I know the video and audio are off sync, the original video file is in sync but when I uploaded to YouTube it unsynced.

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Dang dude this is really good! You made the guitar sound almost like it's singing the song itself (which is very hard to do for me). I really liked the fast guitar fills in there too! Very entertaining to watch and I subbed!
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Too bad this wasn't a cover and rather your own version. I hate the actual song, but you made it really enjoyable. The little leads you throw in there are awesome and work very well. I don't really have any negatives to point out, so great job!
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Just listened to it and wow.
Btw, sorry for the late critic, anyways, Man!
To be honest with you I haven't heard the original song but still listened to your work.
I was amazed how earlier I was driving and heard the song from the radio, and instead of having the song playing in my head, I have your work playing in my head instead. As if the original was the "cover" lol.
Great job!
Totally loved it.