hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the helpful information and advice I have used to make my old battered 2001 Jackson JS20 into a guitar I can actually use!! I gave it a new paint job ( gone for a Van Halen look-bit crap I know),stripped all the electrics out and replaced everything,aswell as installing a kill switch.New pots,new jack,new killswitch,obviously new wiring,new tremolo springs (using 5 now to hold the tuning better which it does) and finally a brand spanking new Irongear Hammerhead pickup.I have left the neck pickup cavity empty but filled it with a pickup cover,should I want to get a Hammerhead neck pickup-also left the 3 way switch position open,even though the switch is removed.I used information from here,Irongear,Seymour Duncan and other places but this forum was by far the most valuable when it came to wiring etc.

Anyway,the guitar now plays like a dream and the pickup really has changed the guitar sound completely.Ok,the paintjob isn't the best,but I like it.

Ive never really experimented with guitar electrics before,and it was always a risky thing in my eyes,but im so glad I done this.It has taught me so many valuable things,which I now know im capable of doing.

Thanks guys.

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