So my band decided to make music so I used GP to get an idea for them. Its been awhile since I have used Guitarpro and been on ultimate guitar(hello people).
Its a hard rock/pop/alternative sounding thing going on here.
its just a guitar track for now. Drums were half assed by my drummer. This is just a scratch of what I want it to sound. Its missing bass and slightly drums(ignore that stuff). Theres another lead track I want to include but another time. How does the guitar rhythm sound? Does it work? Does it get to repetitive? Just an opinion and feedback(if any to be given) would be nice

Edit: I added a Gp5 version
DEMO 1.gpx
DEMO 1 gp5.gp5
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Dude...most people here use guitar pro 5, so if you could please convert it to midi or to a GP5 file it would be much, much easier for everyone.

Hope to hear this out soon!
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Dang I forgot about that. I'll do that as soon as I get home! Thanks for reminding me!
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hey man , dont worry there are enoug people with gpx

so here's my crit

begin :
quite simple but works as build up

good stuff like it , could use a lead though

simple but effective , nice when the metal comes in.

again standard but does the job.

again standard but works also , though again could use some lead

ok its getting a bit generic now imo.

good stuff , but nothing special again.

like the chord progression adds a bit of new flavor to the song

bridge 2:
standard stuff again.

good stuff liked it.

all in all id say its good but very basic and feels like it could use some solo's and leads mostly , though im sure vocals might change it a lot too.

dont get me wrong its a good song but very standard and generic , so id say work on dynamics a bit more.


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Hey man thanks for the feedback. It's definitely simple, but there will be lead octave notes playing. I tried not making too generic, but I get what you mean by simple. I'll check yours out!
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Yeah, a bit generic song, but still it's it sounds like real music, no bad transitions or something. And the bass is well-written, I'm a bass player and I approve I would totally want to play something like that in a band. The rhythm guitar works well too. Just add some leads and it'll be cool!
OK, the simplicity of this song is amazing cos I listened to it and couldnt stop. It has "**** YEAH" written all over it in bold letters.

The bass lines during the verses and breaks were also very interesting, very well written.

My only issue is the lack of guitar solo, a song like this demands a blazing, make-your-guitar-sound-like-a-cat-being-raped solo. Something powerful.

All in all this is a great song, simple and effective like great rock and roll.
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