Hey guys, so I'm working on this new song and I think I got the basics down. Sure it's not completely finished but I'd like to hear your opinions so I can impove on it.

Also, please tell me if you want me to crit your song! I love hearing other peoples work, truly inspirational =)
Wow, I think it even borders with battle metal to some degree.

The layering of the orchestral section made the whole thing sound a bit like a metal version to hymn of some soviet state. FOR MOTHER RUSSIA! I mean this of course in the best way possible.

The little guitar solo was nice and melodic and the changing in timing in the 4/4-5/4 parts was very nice and fluent.

The abrupt ending(or the lack of one) is showing and I would like to hear this through when complete or atleast progressed.

Anyway, it is your time to choose....young one.....(which song to critic)

Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Wow ! Glad to see some melodic stuff here

Well to be honest, this is a work on which you seem to have worked a lot, and the result is really great. You used the fortes in a very good way !
I especially loved the parts as the one starting on the 16th bar. Kindof a russian-like anthem (i guess it would be the chorus of your song)

The solo is indeed excellent but maybe too short ? I don't know, but if i were you i would try to make it on 8 bars instead of 4 :P
Also the transition on the 44th bar doesn't sound very good, I think this is the thing you should work on particularly.

Apart from this little matter, your song is purely great to me. Reminded me of some ... Moonsorrow and even a little bit of Advent by Opeth.
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63-78 is the best part.


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