I need this guitar tuner: GOTOH SG301-04 MG-T

A Google search for that product only shows a few Ukranian stores, not even japanese ones.
It's going to be difficult to find a place that sells just single tuners. Very few places do that, and they probably don't have that exact one. I'd call up a service tech/center for whatever guitar you're trying to repair, and see if they can get the part ordered from the manufacturer.

Otherwise, you might have to live with a key that looks slightly different (you can find specs on dimensions and just find one that fits) or replace the whole set (again, I'm sure someone makes a set with the same dimensions that would just drop in).
Guitarfetish carries Gotoh style tuners, they may match you'll have to check. They only sell sets, but the sets are $25ish
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i'm looking for the full set, thanks for the store indication but they don't have those
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Not that model though. Those have the offset set screw, they won't replace the SG301 without modification if the headstock is already drilled.