Okay so here is the run down;

I have HSS with 2 push/pull tone pots, one with out-of-phase for the n/m single coils and the other with coiltap for the humbucker.

I wanted to have a .022 cap for the n/m tone pot and a .047 for the bridge tone pot, but when I had them both in if I dialed all the way back on the bridge tone it would turn off the volume (in both 4 and 5 positions).

So I ended up just using the .047 cap which was good thing because I like it more for the single coils (it has more clarity & range/flexibility and just sounds better for my setup) but I would like to try a .022 on the bridge to maybe add something else to the sound options (and I'm not really pleased with the .047 oil&paper cap on the bridge HB)

I know Suhr has diagrams for this type of setup with resistors to add/minus 500k to 250k or vice-versa so I know it can work (which has got me curious about having different K valued pots with resistor and if its something I'd want instead of all one kind like 500k that I'm using).

My question is what do you guys think was causing the volume cutoff?

And how can I make sure it doesn't happen again when I put .022 back in the guitar on the bridge tone pot?

Thanks for reading my post.
Sounds like it's wired wrong or there's a bad connection. Using a slightly different cap value won't cause the volume to cut out.
If you use too high a cap value) it'll shunt most or all signal to ground rather than just the highs. What probably happened is your tone pots were accidentally wired in parallel causing the cap values to add. Post a diagram of EXACTLY how the guitar IS wired (NOT how it SHOULD be wired).
I think it might have been that the two tone pots and capacitors shared the same ground wire so in a way they were running into each other.
I don't know why it didn't work and I don't know why it is working now...

- I reversed the caps this time around after being left with just the option of using one capacitor (.047) and with that I heard that the .047 sounded better with the single coils which then had my thinking that the .022 would probably be better for the HB (also because of the sound clips I listened to of different caps) -

...I'm just happy that my strat finally has a balanced sound in all 5 positions with diversity & variety of tones.