Dunno what you'd call it, influenced by Story of the Year and Breaking Benjamin and such.

Just a song I've been working on today, don't really like the bridge/breakdown bit-I seem to do that too often so I'll find another way to lead into the solo. Will probably fade the final chorus out too rather than end on the chord now that I think of it.

C4C and what not, happy to look at your stuff too
Nice, I liked it. The bridge is OK, but I think two guitars playing in harmony would sound better than just one.
The delayed intro sounds good, the intro sounds badass with the layering of the two guitars.

The clean guitar over the distorted one in the chorus sounds very nice, it's good that it does something besides bland arpeggios.

The chorus sounds fantastic, hard yet melodic.

The way the second verse goes into the chorus which again sounded good, the bridge was OK, nothing fancy but the interlude was great.

I liked the way the build up goes up to the solo which I guess you havent wrote yet.

The way the chorus goes into the coda also sounds nice.
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Well this is a good song with strong basis : a quiet verse which lets some place to any vocal line, then a nice chorus. Of course it sounds a bit poor without vocals but for that kind of music it is perfectly normal.

The only thing I found a little bit annoying was the intro riff (starting on the 9th bar). I mean, this is a one-bar riff and I think you could have made a longer one (on two measures or something), because it sounds a little bit monotonous there.

Anyway good song, I'm waiting to listen to it once the solo will be composed
im with craziork, add the solo!!! also, i would add another distortion track. hearing it on the jazz clean sounds weird. now for the review

im really not a fan of hard rock, too cheesy for my personal tastes. but this fits the genre well. i would add more variation that just repeated power chords though. take the song "shallow bay" or "no games" by breaking benjamin. those are two of my favorite songs by them (theyre an exception to my feelings towards hard rock)
Haha I try to leave solos until after I've written lyrics so I can try be sympathetic to the meaning of the song when I write it. Will definitely look up those songs, need to expand my breaking benjamin range
Hey mate,

Nice track, Enjoyed the listen. it is a base for a good catchy song but it deffo needs the vocals.
I was quite dissapointed with the intro riff though. It could have been made more interesting then just repeating one bar 4 times, even though i catch myself doing this often as well.

Could you give me a crit back on one of my tracks?
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