I recently had a set of tex mex pickups fitted to a Mexican standard strat to replace the stock pickups and have a problem. The person who fitted them for me is an experienced electrician but this is the first guitar they have worked on...ever. The pups have all been fitted in the same direction ie. all pointing down in relation the shape of the back of the pup. But the pole pieces are the same length on the neck and middle positions but they are reversed on the bridge pup. Is This right? I would have thought that the bridge would have to be pointing at the middle pup (on the back) so the poles are the same on all 3 pups.
I would really appreciate some advice Thanks
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Should the staggered pole piece lengths match on all 3 pickups?
eg. The two poles either end of each pickup are 2mm high and 0mm high...
Should the high E string have all 3 pickup pole pieces at 0mm as opposed to 2 at 0mm and 1 at 2mm?

hope this is clear, carnt get pic thing on here to work !
I think what you're saying is that whoever installed them accidentally put one into the pickguard the wrong way round. If the pole pieces are staggered to accommodate a very curved radius then yeah they need to be the same I think. Only way to know would be to take all the screws off the pickguard and check if they're all facing the same way on the other side.
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