Ok so I started playing the bass about 9 months ago. About 4 months ago, this band asked me if I could play with them. They're a ska/punk band. I wasn't too good at the time but I was certainly excited to join them. After the first show they said I could stay with them. At the second show I really messed up one of the songs. To my defense I had never actually practiced it with them I had only practiced it listening to the recording. It was pretty depressing. After that, whenever I tried talking to them they would just ignore me. I tried messaging them and calling them and nothing. I finally left a message on one of the dude's phone's and finally they sent me a message on facebook saying that they decided that they don't want me playing with them but they want me back when I get better. It was super short and pretty depressing. I was a little upset that they didn't tell me in person but I moved on. I still showed up to their shows and skanked and what not for them and I still talk to them sometimes. But deep down, it hurts me that they kicked me out. They moved one of their guitarists to bass. I thought that they really were gonna want me back when I got better but it doesn't seem like that the way they talk to me. I have been practicing a lot since then and have honestly improved a lot. I can play their songs pretty well now and I am starting to learn other songs that are harder too. Idk what I should do. I think I want to keep getting better then at some point maybe in a couple months I can ask them to take a look at how much I've improved. But yeah Idk what do you think? should I just move on or should I try to pursue being in this band?
I think you should look for another band. Regardless of how you played at the second show they shouldn't have treated you the way they did. They're cowards for not telling you up front that you're out of the band. Bass players are difficult to find so it shouldn't be too hard to find another band that will treat you with respect.

The band doesn't sound that good anyway. A band shouldn't ever play a song for a first time at a gig; It's almost guaranteed to be a disaster. Although your playing on that song might not have been great, it was their fault for wanting to play it for the first time at a gig. As you've only been playing for 9 months, they should have known you wouldn't be able to play it.

And lastly, unless you actually like watching their shows, don't bother going. They're not going to let you back in the band just because you go to their shows. They've moved on and so should you.
Kilbie's right, they moved on so should you. I would just keep practicing, also learning different scales. Another thing you'll want to do is to try making your own bass lines to jam tracks so then when you join your next band, you'll be able to come up with more intricate parts on your own. That would impress the next group you join.
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ok well I really do enjoy going to their shows. They are a pretty solid band to be honest. They really like me since I am one of the few people to support them. I think maybe if I stop going to their shows they will ask what happened and I can tell them in person that I didn't like the way they kicked me out and depending on how they respond to that then I will go from there. Do you think that sounds like a good idea? thanks for the help by the way guys.