So, I'm a guitarist in training, musician by birth. I'm sure you guys get this a lot (I looked up and I'm only half right haha), but I was wondering the thought process of the drummers when they get the chance to write their tracks into a song.

Basically, drum theory...
>I know that there's percussion theory and sheets but the drumset is still baby stages of that right?

What exactly makes hitting a snare at a certain point the preferable option over hitting a china at a particular point in a song? I just want to be able to understand drums and drummers more. I mean there's something more than just hitting stuff and playing time keeper, especially when there's people like Pert, Rich, and Portnoy out there. Where can I find some info on this?

Teach me oh great ones
Theory is just...wow. I'm getting a bit over my head by trying to learn so much w/o formal educators

To be a good lead guitar you must be VERY GOOD AT RYTHM

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My motto: Play what the song needs you to play!
Drumming is alot about instinct and creating the feel for the song you want. There are 1000's of different ways to structure a beat and different piece to play it on. Listen to some of your favorite songs, analyze the drummer's playing and ask WHY. What kind of feel does play a beat like that create? Does it leave space for the other instruments, does it make things sound faster? bigger? Is he/she playing on rhythm with the guitars, or are they adding a different dyamic?
For me, I just play what sounds good. I think of it like a game of chess. I think about my next moves before they come.