Hello. I was at work today youtubing, and decided to youtube some music. Soon, I came across Beethoven. His 9th symphony. And clicked on the second movement. I've heard it before but I never listened. It was one of those pieces that makes you feel every emotion possible, on top of the world, and all time low. Logically, iy's also a very intelligent piece, being a losse fugue.
But anyways, what's your favorite and why?

p.s. I put this in classic rock cause I didn't know where else...
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I could not even fathom picking just one piece of music. I would say Chopin's The Three Nocturnes, The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky, or almost anything by Messian. The Nocturnes just gets you in the feels. The Rite of Spring has a very intense rhythmic section that is awesome. Messian and his modes, awesome sounding chords that you will not get anywhere else.

P.s. I do believe this should be either in the pit, maybe not here though :P
Ahh yes, and anything by Steve Vai of course. Whispering A Prayer
Allegri: Misere

For me it inspires sensation rather than emotion. Something about the repetition is hypnotic.

I wouldn't describe it as "classic rock", though.
Mine would be Search and Destroy by Iggy and the Stooges. The music's very explosive and high-energy, and the lyrics practically describe how I want to live my life. I want that song played at my funeral. "I am the world's forgotten boy. The one who searches and destroys!"
It's impossible to pick only one, but my two favorites are Close to the Edge by Yes and Fade to Black by Metallica, with I've Had Enough by The Who third.
trying not to sound cliche or anything.. but it has to be Four Seasons' Winter by Antonio Vivaldi..

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Cream's "SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE". When I heard that song it changed the way I listened to rock. The bass, the drums and the guitar hit on all cylinders. When I hear that song I'm right back where I was when I first heard it. Music truly is a Time Machine.