This is a cover of a song that I can not stop playing / singing lately by Amos Lee. I know Amos' vocals are unmatchable but I'm singing along w/ a cover someone did in this video.

This is the first time I've ever done something like this, and I'd really like to hear some good critique. It's 2 AM and I know it's not perfect, but honestly I'm pretty excited to put something out there.

No vocal lessons have been taken, nor playing lessons, all self-taught.

Thanks for any responses.
Sometimes life sh*ts on you. All you can do is wipe and move on.
I don't know the original song, but it's really really hard to make out exactly what you're doing in this recording, because there's another vocal line. Did you know that having a singer sing along with pre-recorded track and mixing the two together is how record producers make poor-singing pop stars sound good? We really can't tell.

One of you - I think it's you, but I can't tell - misses some notes.

You're also clearly trying to imitate this guy's timbre. The first thing you need to do if you want to become a good singer is stop trying to copy to affect of another singer's voice. Just hit the notes, and hit them full-voiced.

I think people do this because their ears aren't that good, and they don't know HOW to hit a note without just "trying to sound like the guy" but it's almost invariably a disaster. But you missed some notes, so work on your ear. That will help. And then stop trying to sound like anybody else. It doesn't work.

Beyond that I can't give you any feedback because I can't really tell what you're doing.