That's pretty much it. I want to be part of a band online (since I probably won't find someone that lives near to me here; but just in case, I live in buenos aires).
I was allready part in a project like this with some poeple form mexico, but it didn't work very well (the tracks ahdn't the same timing and my vocals sucked at that time).
So that you have a conpcept about my musical preferences, here are some of the bands I mostly listen to nowadays:
the distillers
the smashing pumpkins
the raconteurs
skunk anansie
rancid the ramones
sex pistols
guns n roses
green day
t rex

I hope someone is interested
I'm currently looking for members to a Online Collaboration if you're interested shoot me a PM.
I'm listening to Aerosmith/GunsNRoses/AvengedSevenfold/Malmsteen/Becker/Skid Row pretty much. I play lead guitar
sure I dont know much music from them, but if you choose a song i'll probably like it XD as a recommendation, I love the song civil war from guns and roses. if you'd lke to do that one...
I'd actually like to do November Rain if you don't mind?
Civil War is a great song, however I've never learnt it and it's quite long so I'd like to do November Rain first^^
can you sing like that chick from blood ceremony...or juicfer? if so we should make a stoner online band. we just need a drummer. online bands are the future of bands
so a punky feel, to some sweet harmonics then maybe a screaming outro. Nope not for me.

Also where is 'buenos aires' in? Defiantly doesn't sound down under to me.
i can play guitar if you guys need an extra lead or rhythm
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